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Get Help with Windows 10 Update

In the latest Windows 10, Microsoft has completely removed the Windows Update feature from Control Panel. Now Windows Update only exists in the settings menu of Windows 10.

Also, in the settings section, a lot of other options are available other than Windows Update. These include Windows activation, backup, recovery, Windows Defender, and developer options.

By making features like these available in the settings of Windows 10, Microsoft has made it easier for users to do stuff and they do not have to go through the extreme hassle of finding these features in different places of their Windows computer.


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But still, for those who are new to Windows 10 and haven’t use much of the previous versions of Windows or lastly are facing any sort of trouble in doing Windows Update in Windows 10 must go through this short tutorial.

Yes, it is because in this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can do Update in Windows 10 by following these short and simple steps. Here are the steps which will guide you to do Windows Update in Windows 10:


Get Help with Windows 10 Update

Step 1.) Click on the bottom right of your desktop which will open up the start menu. Now click or tap on the settings icon.

Step 2.) Click on the Update & Security Tab. Here you will find everything related to Windows update like backup, recovery, Windows activation, defender and developer options.

windows 10 update

Step 3.) Click on Windows Update and you will see all the things you need to update Windows. Also, you can check if Windows need to be update or everything is up to date by clicking on Check for updates.

Step 4.) If your PC need to be updated then you can download and install the updates on your PC. Also, by clicking on Advanced you can choose how updates are installed whether Windows should install them automatically, download automatically and install after your confirmation, both download and install after your confirmation or you can also simply turn off Windows update which Windows doesn’t recommend at all.

That’s all, folks. You can also explore more options in Windows update like Activating Windows or changing the product key of your copy of Windows 10.


Final Verdict

I hope that you are now able to figure out how you can do Update in Windows 10 successfully. You can follow the same procedure in future to check for new updates and to download new updates for your Windows 10 edition.

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If you are having any types of queries or doubts then feel free to leave them in the comments area below. Your opinions, views and suggestions are most welcome as well. Stay tuned to our blog for more such amazing short tutorials, guides and updates.

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