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OneNote 2010 – 10 Ways to Capture and Organize Your Notes

Microsoft OneNote 2010 gives you the ultimate place to store and share your notes in a single, easy-to-access location.

Capture text, photos, and video or audio files with OneNote 2010 to keep your thoughts, ideas and important information readily available. By sharing your notebooks, you can quickly swap notes with other people on your network, keeping everyone in sync and up-to-date.

You can also take OneNote 2010 on the road with you by easily posting your notebooks online and accessing them from virtually anywhere using the Web or a Windows Mobile-based Smartphone.(1)

1. Work seamlessly across applications

You can now place OneNote to the side of your screen to have it constantly available for note-taking or references while researching on the Web through Windows Internet Explorer, reviewing a document in Microsoft Word 2010 or developing a Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 slide. When you need to remember where your ideas came from, the Linked Notes feature allows you to track the source of your information.

2. Discover new ways to organize your information

An improved Navigation Bar offers the tools you need to easily organize and jump between your notebooks. You can also better visualize and expand page groups to improve note structure and placement.

3. Quickly file information into the right places

OneNote 2010 helps save you time by eliminating the need to regroup information after the fact. With Quick Filing, you can easily pick a notebook to send your notes to as you insert them from multiple sources, including documents, Web pages and e-mail messages.

4. Stay on top of changes to group projects

New content is highlighted when working with multiple users on a shared notebook. (2) Highlighting provides you with a distinct view of new changes since you last opened the shared notebook. The versioning feature provides a version history by date and author. If someone changes content inadvertently, you can view the change history and undo changes at any time. In addition, changes are merged automatically and synced up when you are online.

5. Gain instant access to your information

Improved search functions in OneNote 2010 filter through multiple types of content, including videos and other embedded objects. In addition, a new ranking system learns from past choices, prioritizing notes, pages, page titles and recent picks so you can get to your information faster and easier.

6. Access your Notebooks from virtually anywhere

It’s easy to take your notebook everywhere when you can edit and review your notes from the Web or a Smartphone. Synchronize your notes to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 or Windows Live to access the new OneNote 2010 features from more places.

  • Microsoft OneNote Web App. Extend your Office experience to the Web and enjoy full-screen, high-quality views of your notes. Create and then store your notes online, and edit your work through a Web browser when you’re away from your office, home or school. (3)
  • Microsoft OneNote Mobile 2010. Stay up to the minute and take immediate action when necessary using an enhanced mobile version of OneNote 2010 specifically suited to your Smartphone. (4)

7. Easily reference pages and sections within a Notebook

With wiki linking, you can easily reference and browse through related content such as note pages, sections and section groups within a notebook. Create wiki links to new content so everyone using the same notebook is automatically pointed to the right place.

8. Quickly apply styles to your text

Save time by using the same shortcut keys found in Microsoft Word 2010 for basic styling of text. The new styles are added to give you more formatting options to structure and organize your thoughts.

9. Accomplish more with an enhanced user experience

The new Microsoft Office Backstage view replaces the traditional file menu to let you share, print and publish your notes with just a few clicks. New to OneNote, the improved Ribbon lets you access your favorite commands quickly and create custom tabs to personalize the experience to your work style.

10. Transcend communication barriers

OneNote 2010 helps you communicate across different languages (5), translate a word or phrase, and set separate language settings for ScreenTips, Help content and displays.

(1) An appropriate device, Internet connection, and Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari browser are required. Some mobile functionality requires OneNote Mobile 2010, which is not included in Office 2010 applications, suites or Web Apps.
(2) Shared notebooks require SharePoint 2010 or a Windows Live account.
(3) Requires SharePoint 2010 or a Windows Live account. Office Web Apps will be available through Windows Live at a later date during Technical Preview and will have limited functionality at this milestone.
(4) OneNote Mobile 2010 is not included in the Office 2010 applications or suites.
(5) Translation features are free and do not require any add-ins. The bilingual dictionary comes by default in the box (no download), and the language and availability depends on the SKU version of your Office 2010 application. Internet service is required for Machine Translation and languages vary by provider; this will be determined automatically depending on your selection.

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