Windows 7 Tutorials

Windows 7 Tutorials – Discover the Secrets Behind the Windows 7!

Welcome to the free Windows 7 tutorials, step-by-step training page!

The latest Windows 7 operating system introduces a breakthrough user experience that is designed to help you to view, find, and effectively organize your data on your computer.

Windows 7 tutorials in this site offer the quickest path for Windows XP and Vista users to get started with Microsoft’s new Windows 7 operating system.

You’ll learn what’s new and what’s changed, tips and tricks, as well as everything you need to get going, from installing, configuring to effectively use the system.

Note: We will constantly adding more and more Windows 7 tutorials and tips to this page, so do come back regularly.

Free Microsoft Windows 7 Tutorials


Install & Upgrade to Windows 7

Starting to Explore Windows 7

Managing File, Folder and Library

Themes, Backgrounds, and Color Schemes

Managing and Maintaining Windows 7

Windows 7 Networking (File Sharing)

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts