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Welcome to the Excel 2007 tutorials, tips and tricks info page!

If you are newbie, you may ask: What is Microsoft Excel 2007?

Microsoft Excel 2007 is an application that helps you create intricate and dynamic spreadsheets. You can use this robust application to enter numerical values or data into the rows or columns of a spreadsheet, and to use these numerical entries for calculations, charts, formulas, statistical analysis, etc.

The following are the series of step-by-step Excel 2007 tutorials or tips for you to master the program faster:

What’s new in Excel 2007? – Discover the latest and new features of Microsoft Office Excel 2007.

Free Microsoft Excel 2007 Tutorials Index

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Getting Started

  • Microsoft Excel 2007 – Getting Started!
  • Knowing The Excel 2007 Screen Elements…
  • New to Excel 2007 Ribbon? Discover it Here!
  • What Information You Can Get From the Excel 2007 Status Bar?
  • How to Enter Data into the Excel Worksheet?
  • Save an Excel Worksheet? and Backup Copy…

Start Exploring Excel

  • What is So Proud about Excel 2007 Pick List Feature?
  • How to Quickly Move from One Place to Another in a Worksheet?
  • How to Change the Spreadsheet Cells Background or Text Color?
  • Knowing The Excel Paste Special Secrets?
  • Easily Getting Help with Excel 2007 Help Feature!

Formatting and Customizing Data

  • Discover The Excel Cell Alignment Options
  • Mastering The Excel Number Formatting!
  • Adding Header and Footer to the Excel 2007 Spreadsheets – Step-by-step Guide
  • How to Prevent the Cell Editing? Turn Off it!
  • How to Merge and Unmerge Cells (Columns) in Microsoft Excel 2007?
  • Create and Download the Excel 2007 Templates for Free!

Creating and Formatting Tables

  • How to insert a Table in Excel 2007?
  • Formatting the Excel 2007 Table As You Needs!

Formulas and Functions (with example illustrations)

  • How to Write an Excel Formula?
  • Do You Really Know the Excel 2007 Functions?
  • Using the Excel NOW Function
  • Example Using the Excel 2007 PRODUCT Function
  • Learn the Excel IF Function: Real-live Example!
  • Using the Excel MAX Function to find…
  • Introducing: Excel 2007 CELL Function
  • The RADIANS Function: Convert Degrees to Radians
  • Excel 2007 DATE Function: An Easy Way to Insert a Date into a Formula
  • Count…Count…Count… What You Can Do with Excel 2007 COUNT Function

Creating and Formatting Charts

  • The Step-by-step Guide to Creating Charts in Excel 2007
  • How to Create and Format the Chart Title?
  • The Chart Legend: How to Resize, Move, Changing Legend Font and Color?
  • Step-by-step Guide to Creating a Pie Chart with Excel 2007
  • The Easy Guide to Creating a Histogram with Excel 2007

Excel 2007 Printing

  • Excel 2007 Print Preview Feature, Preview Worksheets Before Printing
  • Excel 2007 Printing – Discover How Printing in Excel 2007 Can be Easy!
  • How to Print Excel Worksheet and Print Multiple Areas of a Workbook?
  • Guide on Printing Multiple Worksheets from a Workbook in Microsoft Excel?

Excel Macros (VBA) & Programming

  • Macros; VBA Vocabulary; Forms and Controls in Microsoft Excel VBA.

More Tips…

  • How to add Calculator to the Quick Access Toolbar?
  • How to use the Watch Window to Monitor Cells?
  • Finding and Removing Duplicate Values in Excel
  • How to View Multiple Worksheets in Excel at the Same Time?
  • Tips on Protecting Excel Workbook or Worksheet with Password
  • How to Install and Uninstall Excel Add-ins to Your System?
  • How to Create Excel 2007 Drop Down List? – The Simple Way
  • How to Use the Excel 2007 Data Validation Rules Effectively?


To conclude, the new and improved Excel user interface includes all sorts of graphical improvements. Excel 2007 is full of pop-up galleries that make spreadsheet formatting and charting a real breeze, especially with Live Preview feature. You can discover the full potentials of Excel 2007 through this Excel 2007 tutorials page!

Note: The contents of this Excel 2007 tutorials page will be added from time to time, so do bookmark this page so that you can learn more free Excel 2007 tips and tutorials.