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Excel 2010 Tutorials – Proven Course Let You Mastering Excel Skills Faster!

Welcome to the Excel 2010 tutorials info page. A page that covered everything related to Microsoft Excel 2010 from the basic features to the advanced tips and tricks.

You should know that Microsoft Excel is one of the world’s most popular spreadsheet programs. You can use Excel 2010 to view, edit or perform calculations; organize, sort and filter lists of data; chart numeric data, printing and so on.

The following are series of tutorials and tips to help you learn and discover all the new features as well as the Excel 2010 rich functionality in the shortest time.

Note: We will be adding new tutorials from time to time to this site, so do bookmark this page and come back regularly.

What’s new in Excel 2010? – Discover the latest new features of Microsoft Excel 2010 edition!

Free Excel 2010 Tutorials and Links Index

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Getting Started

  • Getting Started with Microsoft Excel 2010!
  • The First Step…Knowing The Excel 2010 Screen Elements
  • What You Can Do with The Excel 2010 Ribbon?
  • Customizing Excel 2010 Ribbon by Adding New Tab, Group and Command to It
  • Adding and Removing Commands From The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Guide to Customize the Quick Access Toolbar in Excel 2010

Excel 2010 Essentials

  • What are the Excel 2010 Three Different Views?
  • Discover How to Use the Excel 2010 Smart Tags Feature Correctly!
  • Applying Gallery Effects to The Spreadsheet Objects in Excel 2010

Formulas and Functions

  • Discover the 5 Types of Formula and Some Tips in Creating Formulas
  • Why Mastering Your Excel 2010 Functions Are So Critical?
  • Knowing the different types of Function Argument used in Microsoft Excel
  • Excel 2007/2010 Relative Cell Reference Real-live Example Demonstration
  • Excel Absolute Cell Reference (Example Demonstration – Part 1)
  • Excel Absolute Cell Reference (Example Demonstration – Part 2)

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The new and improved Excel 2010 user interface includes all sorts of graphical improvements. You are welcome to discover the usage of the new features, and the full potentials of Microsoft Excel 2010 through this Excel 2010 tutorials page!